Badass Business Bootcamp Application

Introducing the


A 12-month group coaching program for women who are ready to turn their PASSION and PURPOSE
 into a service-based business that feeds their soul and helps others!


I see you, Badass.

You have an awesome gift that you want to share with the world that will really make a difference. And you LOVE the idea of being your own boss and doing work you love on YOUR terms.

But when it comes to launching and growing your dream business...

You feel weird about charging people money to help them
You run the other way when you hear the words “marketing” and “sales”
You act super awkward every time someone asks you to explain what you do
You get major imposter syndrome when you see what other entrepreneurs are doing
You think you need to become an expert before anyone will give you money
You have zero clue how to build a website or set up those fancy automated e-mails

... And you're terrified that the whole thing will fail and you’ll end up in debt and back at your 9-5.

I totally get it because I struggled with ALL of this as a newbie entrepreneur, which is why I created a program to help women like you build a REAL business in just 12 months and SKIP the extra years wasted in overwhelm, fear, and self-doubt.

Imagine what it will feel like when... 

  • You wake up every morning excited about the day ahead
  • You’re making a full-time income doing meaningful work that fulfills you and helps other people
  • You’ve got all these amazing clients that you love and who love you back 
  • You have control of your own schedule and the freedom to actually live your life 
  • You can finally buy that RV or book the tickets and take off on an adventure! 

You've probably been working really hard already to make that dream a reality...

When it comes to launching your business... 

You might have tried all the things:

  • Signing up for every free webinar that pops up on Facebook
  • Buying all the DIY courses, because FOMO!!!
  • Starting a business IG account and filling it with inspirational quotes
  • Spending months trying to perfect your logo or figure out how to build a website
  • Telling all your friends, family, and random acquaintances about your business and getting lots of “congrats!” but no buyers 
But the problem with all that is:

  • Procrasti-learning a gajillion random strategies leaves you totally overwhelmed and not knowing where to start
  • Those courses collect dust in your inbox because DIY becomes do-it-never
  • You’re wasting so much time on social media and your mom is the only one liking your posts (thanks Mom!)
  • You keep avoiding putting yourself out there until everything looks just right
  • No one is buying because the people in your social circle are not your ideal client

No one ever said building a business was easy…

There is a LOT to learn as well as a lot to DO, and it’s like putting together one of those 1,000-piece puzzles that gives you a wicked headache.

On top of that, maybe you’re juggling this dream of yours with a full-time job, parenting, and/or trying to survive a global pandemic. 

You wish someone would just give you a roadmap... show you what to do and how to do it, step by step.

You need honest feedback on your ideas, help with your mindset, a lot of cheerleading, and maybe even a little hand-holding as you take this giant leap into entrepreneurship.

That’s what I *wish* I’d had the first couple of years I was struggling to get my business off the ground.

I had to do a lot of costly learning and a ton of inner work to push through the challenges of starting my coaching business.

I dug myself tens of thousands of dollars in debt and nearly quit more than once before I figured out how to actually make money in my business.  

And I SO don’t want that to happen to you!

That’s why I created the Badass Business Bootcamp.

I’ve seen waaaaay too many entrepreneurs (myself included) get sucked into shiny-object syndrome, buying ALL the courses and doing ALL the things, and then cycling through overwhelm and discouragement and ultimately doing NOTHING because it feels like nothing is working.

As a mindset coach I was working with my entrepreneurial clients to embrace a mindset of UNperfectionism and find the courage to launch their business and put themselves out there before they felt “ready.” (Newsflash: you will never feel ready!)

But once they locked in the right MINDSET, they were still stuck without a clear STRATEGY, not knowing what to do next.

I launched the Badass Business Bootcamp to distill all the foundational pieces of starting a business into a step-by-step framework that would be easy to implement.

And over the course of just a few months, my clients went from stuck and overwhelmed to clear and confident, connecting with people who were really excited to work with them.  

I’d love to help you FINALLY turn your passion into a full-time income that gives you the freedom and fulfillment you crave! 

Because that would be SO BADASS.

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Liz Medford.

I’m here to help you bring your dream of a badass business to life.

I’m a certified coach (CPCC & CPQC), which means I’m all about building a business that aligns with your values and dreams.

I spent the first decade of my career as a teacher, so I know how to organize complex subjects into FUN, actionable lessons.

I also consider myself a Certified Badass.

Not only have I hiked the 100 highest peaks in New England twice (including winter), but I’ve also rebuilt my life after a mental health crisis and helped other women overcome their inner critic and self-sabotaging behaviors.

And of course the most badass thing of all - pushing through my own perfectionism, procrastination, and self-doubt to build the business that I have today so that I would have the FREEDOM to be who I am, to serve who I want to serve, and to speak my truth.



I am so grateful I found Liz and the Bootcamp. I started my business feeling like I knew enough to get it going. After a year in business, I wasn't gaining the clients I thought I would.

Once I took ownership of the fact that I needed help and became open to the idea of participating in a coaching program I looked around for my options. I wanted a program with women who were going through the same things as I was. I wanted a program specifically targeting new businesses. I wanted a program that would hold me accountable and have specific steps I needed to take.

Liz's group coaching program was a perfect fit for what I knew I needed.

I set a goal for myself to gain 4 clients by the end of the first 12 weeks. Well, I doubled that! And I started a completely new and unplanned segment of my business that I wouldn't have dreamed of without Liz's help defining my ideal client.

I highly recommend participating in Liz's program! It got my business off the ground and I feel positioned for growth and ready to take on more! 

Inside the Badass Business Bootcamp you will:

Discover your values and life purpose and use them as your North Star for all of your business decisions

Get crystal clear on who you help and how you help them by defining your niche and ideal client (even if you’ve struggled with this before)
Create a signature offer that will make your prospective client jump for joy because FINALLY there is a freaking solution to their problem!!!
Choose your own aligned platform to share your message with your audience (WITHOUT spending all day on social media)
Set up all the basic tech you need to put your message out in the world through your website, lead magnet, and email list (even if you don’t have ANY of those yet!)
Know how to create content that connects with your ideal client so they feel like you’re reading their mind, and makes them scream “Take my money!!”
Blast through all the mindset bullshit that comes up around being SEEN and HEARD and sharing your unique GENIUS and EXPERTISE with the world! (If those words terrified you, then you need some mindset help!)
Stop waiting until everything is perfect to make a move, because badass businesses take bold ACTION and learn from it!

Your whole LIFE is about to change once you say YES to the Badass Business Bootcamp!


  • Feeling unfulfilled and yearning to do work that helps people while also doing what you love
  • Worrying you’ll never be able to build a business that will sustain your livelihood and lifestyle
  • Having your inner critic go ape-shit every time you get close to putting yourself out there
  • Afraid to ditch your 9-5, or afraid you’ll have to go back to it soon because this boss babe thing isn’t going so hot
  • Convincing yourself that all the legal and financial stuff is too scary and that entrepreneurship is too much of a risk (it doesn’t have to be!)
  • Working so hard that you’re sacrificing the important parts of life and not having anything to show for it


  • Confidently showing up as the CEO of a business that is making a difference while making a living!
  • Bringing in steady revenue that you can reinvest to take your biz to the next level
  • Knowing your message and sharing it with the people you know you can help
  • Secure in your decision to become a full-time entrepreneur
  • Building the foundations for a strong and sustainable business that will support you and your family for many years to come
  • Setting an example to those around you that a woman can do what she loves, make money, AND be present for her loved ones!


Somatics Instructor

There are SO many different things that need to be done when starting your own business and it is really overwhelming. I didn't want to take a bunch of different courses that would each give me a small piece of the puzzle. I had launched my business, but was struggling with the "what next" question.

Liz's program is very well thought-through. She starts with the stuff I would never have done on my own. Not only do you get to work through these essential foundations for ANY business with Liz's expert coaching and knowledge, but also in a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs from whom to learn and to practice with.

I now have a clear roadmap as to what to do next. I know what to focus on in what order, and I have the confidence to see it through.  

I couldn't recommend Liz's program more to any budding entrepreneur. It has set me on the right track with strong foundations for my business! 

This program is about more than just developing your business skills!

At the heart of the Badass Business Bootcamp is a deep dive into your own personal development so that you can STOP hiding in the shadows and START showing up to serve the people you know you can help.  

Because ultimately it’s not about you - it’s about THEM!!!

There is someone out there RIGHT NOW wishing that the universe would manifest a solution to the thing they’re struggling with.  

They won’t be able to hear the message from anyone else.


In our 12 months of work together, you’ll get:

12 modules of pre-recorded lessons to guide you through each phase of launching and growing your badass business

30 live group coaching calls where you will get personalized coaching on your business ideas, give updates on your progress, and work though any mindset blocks that are coming up

Weekly critiques of your homework assignments so that you have individualized feedback on everything, from your niche and offer to your sales page and lead magnet

Expert review of your website copy, lead magnet copy, e-mail sequences, and social media posts to ensure they are on brand and speaking to your ideal client

Ongoing support through our community forum where you can ask questions, network with your peers, and cheerlead one another along the way


Artist & Creative Coach

When I joined the Bootcamp, I knew I had to answer the call to give back creatively yet I wasn’t really sure how or what that meant and how to bring that to the people I wanted to help.

In the first few months of working with Liz, I went from having no idea of what I was doing to having a solid program to offer. And now I know who my audience is, what they need, and how I can help them.  

If you’re trying to bring your unique gift out into the world to others this is a way to find out EVERYthing you need to figure that out and how to bring it to your people. And if you already know what you’re doing, this is a way to hone your message make sure it’s reaching the right audience.

I know if I hadn’t taken the leap to sign up for this program I’d still be trying to figure out what I was doing, too afraid to do it, and not be doing anything to work towards it. Now I have a clear foundation, a template I can use for each step, and a way to move forward with a comprehensive plan. 


Module 1 - Welcome & Visualizations

Our first module gets you oriented to the program with all the logistics you’ll need to make the most of our time together. You’ll also do some visualizations to acknowledge and overcome your fears, and get clear about the dream you have of your life one year from now.

Module 2 - Start with WHY: Values & Life Purpose

It’s really important to ground your business in your personal values and understand how it fits in with your life purpose. We kick off the program with some “Life Coaching 101” exercises to get clear on the big-picture WHY behind your mission and vision.

Module 3 - Niche & Ideal Client

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is trying to be all things to all people. The result is that your message doesn’t appeal to anyone. We are going to get super clear about who you help and how you help them so that you have ONE core offer and market in a way that will reach the people who need it most.

Module 4 - Your Brand Story

As a solopreneur, you are your brand. And your story is your brand story. In this module we will use a special framework to tell your story in a way that resonates with your ideal client and positions you as the expert who can help them.

Module 5 - Market Research

Where many entrepreneurs fail is that they don’t craft a message that resonates with their ideal client. I will teach you a technique for market research that will have your prospective clients feel like you are reading their mind. This is also a great accidental way to score your first clients!

Module 6 - Market Analysis

In this module you’ll learn how to analyze your market research in order to use it in your marketing materials. You’ll also research your competitors so that you can position yourself within the market.

Module 7 - Money Mindset

Before we dive into your offer and pricing, we need to get real about your money mindset. These lessons will explore your current beliefs about money, and use the power of visualization to help you let go of your old money stories and embrace new, empowering beliefs about money that will serve you in your business and your life.

Module 8 - Offer & Pricing

Many businesses get bogged down and fail because they have too many offers, their offers aren’t meeting their client’s needs, or they are priced in a way that is not profitable. In this module we take a deep dive to craft an irresistible offer that allows you to grow and scale, and price it in a way that reflects its true value to your client.

Module 9 - Sales Page

You don’t need a whole website to sell your offer. All you need in the beginning is a well-designed sales page. I’ll show you how to structure your sales page and make your words compelling to your ideal client so that you can sail over this tech hurdle and be ready to make your first of many sales!

Module 10 - E-mail List & Lead Magnet

Most of my clients are so over social media. And social media really isn’t where it’s at in terms of growing your business. You need to start building an e-mail list that you OWN, versus a social media following that could be deleted overnight. And you’ll do that with a well-designed lead magnet that makes your ideal client eager to learn more.

Module 11 - Content Strategy

You may have already tried posting blogs and all kinds of stuff on social media and then hearing crickets. So many entrepreneurs don’t gain traction because they are posting the wrong things. Learn how to create fun and engaging content that connects with your ideal client and positions you as the expert who can help them.

Module 12 - Launch Your Badass Business!

By the time you get through all these modules, you will be ready to launch your new offer to the world and start growing your audience! In this module you’ll put it all together and create a plan for getting your work out into the world and start landing clients.


Gift Consultant

I wanted to enroll in the Bootcamp because I've had only a conceptual vision of my business and hadn't yet taken the time or effort to truly get my ideas out of my head and heart and into the real world.

This program is equal parts soulful exploration and practical business sense. Liz has created a course that presents the foundation for the why and how to discover and overcome obstacles to successful entrepreneurship.  

The team atmosphere is reassuring and inspiring as you move through the lessons and see each other shine. Liz has an exceptional talent for intuitively sensing individual roadblocks and coaching her clients through mindset or logistical hurdles to empowered confidence with grace, humor, and relatability.

If you are considering Business Bootcamp it means that you have an idea, a business, an offering that calls to you and deserves your attention. Liz is the perfect coach to champion for your progress and will meet you where are and lead the way to the appropriate next steps for you and your passion! 


  • You have a personal passion like art, music, photography, home decor, fitness, or another skill or talent that you want to share with others 
  • You’ve been dreaming of launching your service-based business but haven’t started it yet 
  • You’ve launched your business but are feeling frustrated and burned out because you’re not getting clients (don’t worry - it’s not you, it’s your messaging!) 
  • You are coachable and willing to implement a step-by-step framework that will get you results 
  • You’re tired of trying to figure this all out on your own and are ready to invest in a certified coach
  • You crave the synergy and support of a group of like-minded women who are on this journey together


  • You have no idea what kind of business you want to start
  • You have a product-only business as an artist, maker, or retail shop and have no interest in scaling your income with a digital product or service-based offer
  • You already have a thriving service-based business that is bringing in clients consistently (yay you!)
  • You are already following the advice of a dozen different online marketing gurus and you’re not open to a new perspective
  • You don’t want to do the work to make your dreams a reality
  • You think you can find all the answers for free on the internet and are not willing to invest in the success of your business


Home Decor Specialist

Before I joined Liz’s Bootcamp, I was struggling with getting my business going in the right direction.

Being in this program was truly a blessing. This program is well worth the cost as it produces high results. The women in the group have been rock stars from support to ideas to just overall amazing individuals. They all really brightened my day and I have so much respect for them.

Thank you so much Liz for being real, for your patience and guidance, and for just being you. I am so glad the universe crossed our path, I couldn't be more thankful for you and our relationship, I am truly blessed to have you in my life. 


A: That’s awesome! I bet you are really cool and creative. While this program does not focus on selling physical products, I would highly encourage you to incorporate a service-based offer or digital product into your business (like a course or membership) that will help you scale your revenue so you don’t burn yourself out. And I can definitely help you with that, so let’s chat!

A: There is so much “bro marketing” in the online business space that I feel strongly about creating a container that feels safe for entrepreneurs who identifies as female and who want to uplift and support one another while also living fully into all the other badass roles they take on, like wife, mother, partner, daughter, caregiver, educator, and more. Nothing against the bros out there, but there is something really special about a community that is created by women, for women!

A: For some people it makes a lot of sense to have the financial security of a job while you’re building your business! Our goal will be to start out with a business model that is easily scalable and works around your current job so that you can be profitable without being overwhelmed. And we will work on developing a plan for you to transition more fully into entrepreneurship over time and not get stuck in the side-hustle game!

A: We don't believe in FOMO or in making you wait for months to "open doors." The Badass Business Bootcamp runs year-round and is always open for enrollment, so you can start as soon as your application is accepted and join us on our next group coaching call!


For as long as you can remember, you’ve dreamed of being your own boss and making money doing what you love. But there’s always been something getting in the way - time, money, confidence, motivation.

The truth is, there is no better time than NOW to start your entrepreneurial journey.

A year from today, you could be busy pursuing your passion, serving your ideal clients, and putting money in the bank.

Or, you could still be sitting around dreaming about it. Or worse, wasting lots of time and money on piecemeal trainings and programs that don’t get you results.

Your future clients are waiting for you, and they need your help TODAY.

All talk and no action is NOT the way of the Badass!

You are BRAVE and BOLD and you know that when you commit to something with your whole heart, you will succeed.

You know this. I know this. So why wait? 

Apply TODAY!